Taking Advanced Medicine to Africa

The aim of the Navarra Foundation for Medical Assistance in Africa (NAMA) is to promote high-quality clinical practice and provide health sciences education and training in Sub-Saharan Africa.

For this purpose, the NAMA Foundation has launched two programs:


Afrilab, a program dedicated to supporting medical research on diseases that are highly prevalent in Africa with the aim of improving prevention and contributing to the design of more efficient therapies.

CHAT Africa, a project aimed at the establishment of a tertiary university hospital in Central-Western Africa linked by telematic means with a consortium of European hospitals.


Medical Assistance

Contributing to the improvement of medical assistance, medical practice and health conditions in Africa.

Medical Centers

Promoting the installation of tertiary hospitals and other health centers in Africa and assisting in their management.

Medical Research 

Stimulating medical research directed at improving knowledge, prevention and therapy for highly prevalent diseases. 

Education and Training

Training health professionals by promoting the establishment of high-standard medical schools and other health education centers.

Social Activities

Spearheading initiatives to develop cooperation and awareness and training in the field of health.